Flowcharts & Factsheets


USI Information Fact Sheets – 1 to 4 – Gives Student information of the need to Create USI, why it is required, Step by Step instructions on how to create and how to recover USI if password is forgotten.

  1. USI Fact sheet -Student -Information – 1
  2. USI-Factsheet-Student-Information -2
  3. USI-Factsheet-Student-Information -3
  4. USI Fact sheet -Student -Information – 4

USI Transcript Fact Sheets – 1 to 6 – WHAT WILL BE IN USI TRANSCRIPT, How to view and download USI Transcript, When will student’s training appear on  USI Transcript, How to create and download partial USI Transcript, How do student’s give permission to RTO to view USI Transcript online and What do the student do if USI Transcript is inaccurate.

  1. Student_fact_sheet_your_USI_transcript_1
  2. Student_fact_sheet_your_USI_transcript_2
  3. Student_fact_sheet_your_USI_transcript_3
  4. Student_fact_sheet_your_USI_transcript_4
  5. Student_fact_sheet_your_USI_transcript_5
  6. Student_fact_sheet_your_USI_transcript_6